PGMOL to Release VAR Recording of Controversial Winning Goal in Newcastle vs Arsenal Match
2023-11-14 14:00:55

In the 64th minute of the Newcastle vs Arsenal match, Gordon scored a goal that put Newcastle in the lead. However, the goal was subject to three VAR checks. The first check was to determine if the ball had gone out of play, followed by an examination of any potential fouls and a review for offside. After assessing the replays, the VAR determined that the ball had not gone out of play before Jacob Murphy regained possession. Additionally, Gabriel was found not to have been fouled by Callum Wilson, and Gordon was not in an offside position. Hence, the goal was deemed valid.

Following the match, the PGMOL informed Arsenal that the VAR recording of the contentious winning goal by Anthony Gordon would be released on Tuesday during the program "Mic'd Up," hosted by Webb. This monthly show, hosted by Webb and Michael Owen, aims to enhance transparency in referee decisions and their thought processes.

In addition, the Football Association (FA) has sent a letter to Mikel Arteta and Arsenal, requesting an explanation for their post-match comments. Arsenal responded to the FA on Monday morning, providing their explanation.

The controversy surrounding the goal has ignited discussions about the effectiveness and fairness of VAR in football. Supporters of Newcastle praised the VAR decisions, touting them as accurate and fair. On the other hand, Arsenal fans expressed their discontent, believing that the decisions were biased against their team. The release of the VAR recording aims to shed light on the decision-making process and provide transparency to dissatisfied fans.

The publication of the VAR recording will allow viewers to analyze the different camera angles used during the checks. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of how the decisions were reached, addressing any doubts or concerns about the validity of the goal. The goal has already sparked heated debates among football pundits, with various opinions on the correctness of the VAR decisions.The PGMOL's move to release the VAR recording is a step towards addressing the ongoing debates and criticism surrounding the implementation of VAR in football. It aims to improve the transparency and accountability of referees and the VAR system, helping to build trust and confidence in the fairness of the game.Overall, the controversy surrounding the winning goal in the Newcastle vs Arsenal match has brought the spotlight back on VAR and its impact on football. The release of the VAR recording will provide valuable insights into the decision-making process and contribute to the ongoing discussions about the future of VAR in the sport. It remains to be seen how this episode will shape the development and refinement of VAR in football.